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The Magic of Bubbe's House: A Childhood Haven or Chaos?

I didn’t realize how much Bubbe and Bubbe’s house influenced my life. There was a time I was over her house one day every weekend. So was my cousin, Nancy, 13 months younger than I. Bubbe always greeted us with a kiss and, “Sweetheart!”

I was jealous of Nancy because her mom always dressed her up in a pretty dress. My mom always dressed me in overalls and a t-shirt. In fact, she also tried to send me to school like that and she got a note from the school to dress me in a dress or skirt and top.

One day when Nancy and I were about four and five years old, we were over Bubbe’s house and we decided to go swimming. Where? Where else? In the toilet bowl of course. It was just then when the family decided to look for us. We were too quiet. There we were with our shoes and socks off, all ready to wade in the toilet bowl. It was then that they caught us and stopped us.

Were we disappointed! Wouldn’t you be?



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