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Tri- Sci- Phi-


Science Fiction (Fiction?)

Of what has been and what can be

Page after page, story after story

All that you can feel, smell, hear, taste and see.



We Create Our Own Destiny


Sometimes we need a little boost

To brighten up our day

To go from rags to riches

In a spiritual way.



       MY GLORY


The story of a young girl growing up


It isn’t easy—it’s true


And all the mistreatments that she got


What was she to do?

Lamina Land


A Collection of Children’s stories about life.



The Life and Afterlife of Dracula


The struggles of life with a difficult person.

Dracula Rises


More about life’s struggles.


Hope my poetry delights you reading it as much as it delighted me writing it.


Deep Feelings

Deep Feelings

Way out of view

These Deep Feelings

Are they also in you?

Tiny Tales to Tiny Tots

Things aren't always

What they seem

But they are

If you dream, dream, dream.

Sweet Alice


You can read these three short stories

You can read these seven poems too

They're happy, they're sad, they're mysterious

What do they mean for you?



Mary, Mary

Quite contrary

How does your life go?

Be wary!  Be wary!


ALC Tablet Greeting the Day.jpg

Greeting the Day


Here we are

To greet the day

Enjoy what you do

At work or at play.


ALC Tablet Feelings.jpg



Feelings -- Feelings

Deep in the soul

Are these the feelings

that make us whole?

Special Tablet.jpg



Just between

You and me

Here is what’s Special

As Special as can be.

ALC Tablet Jingles.jpg
ALC Tablet ENJOY— OH BOY!!!.jpg


Here are some jingles

For you to see

Thoughts and feelings

In poetry.

Enjoy - Oh Boy !!!

Poems galore

A short story too

Lots of joy

From me to you

ALC Tablet I AM LOST.jpg


All the school shootings

That are going on today

Maybe we can change things

There is a better way.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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