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My Colorful Autobiography


Right now I’d like to

Talk about me

And my colorful


I was born

May 17, 1942

Three years before

WWII was through

I enjoy learning

And to paint and to write

And to hang out with friends

During the day and at night

I’m a proud American

As proud as can be

Although I lived a year in Israel

And five years in Italy

I’m Jewish, I’m white

And I’ll also mention

I’m diagnosed with

Manic depression

Those with mental disorders

I’d like you to know

There is help out there

And you can still grow

Sometimes there are setbacks

Hospitalizations too

I’ve been through it all

But really learned from it too

Don’t be discouraged

Take it from me

You’ll be glad to be you

And I’m glad to be me.

Note:  Manic depression is another name for bipolar disorder.

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